September 10, 2020: Can’t Fight This Feeling!

REO Speedwagon

For the Austin Ukulele Society’s September meeting, nearly two hundred ukulele enthusiasts from around the globe met up to sing, strum and pick together virtually. We enjoyed greeting friends from Peru to India, Australia to Canada, Germany to Singapore, and many U.S. states. Bob kicked off the meeting by sharing some ukulele news, including info about the upcoming Lil Rev workshop and concert we’re hosting on Friday, September 25. We warmed up our fingers and voices with Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Next, Bob demonstrated his terrific arrangement of the classic power-ballad by REO Speedwagon, “Can’t Fight This Feeling.” Bob then took us through the exercises he’d prepared, which helped us learn the strumming style, the picking options, and the chord changes for this huge 1984 hit. When we put the song together and played it through a couple of times, everyone was feeling confident and happy! We closed out the evening by playing Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.”

Many thanks to Bob Guz for sharing his expertise, Lyda Guz for presenting the PowerPoint slides, and Jen Richardson for moderating and responding to the live commenting.


You can download the lyrics and chords for our arrangement of “Can’t Fight This Feeling” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide, including exercises and drills. You can also watch a replay of the webcast. Watch the entire show or jump to the part you most want to see!
      ● Welcome
      ● “Three Little Birds” warm-up song
      ● Bob’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Tutorial
      ● Bob’s demo video of “Can’t Fight This Feeling”
      ● “On the Road Again” closing song

We love all of the selfies you sent — makes it almost feel like an in-person gathering! The many notes we received were very thoughtful and kind, and we’re so glad everyone felt they learned something!

We’re looking forward to “seeing” you all again at our October 8 meeting as well as the Lil Rev workshop on September 25! 🙂

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