Kick Butt Virtual Concert: July 25, 2020!

Kick Butt CoffeeHello, friends! Bob, Sho and Jen want to express many, many thanks to our fans and friends who tuned in and donated generously to Kick Butt! It feels wonderful to have had an immediate impact on a venue we all treasure. Kick Butt is a great friend to a huge area of performing arts, including all genres of music, spoken word, and comedy. Their support of the ukulele community, by hosting Austin Ukulele Society ukulele open mic nights, Kevin Carroll’s Ukulele Joy events, and Cynthia Lin for a uke jam and concert, is unparalleled.

Thomas Gohring, or Master Gohring as he is affectionately (and appropriately) called, sent us this note: “You raised $1,583.58 (not including any checks that may be sent)… I am deeply touched and eternally grateful. I just transferred the funds to Kick Butt; this will be an immediate help to cover outstanding paychecks and expenses for Kick Butt.”

In case you didn’t get to view the show, the performance was recorded and is viewable on the AUS YouTube channel:

Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful artists who so generously donated their time and talent for the concert! Please visit their websites and support them!

We look forward to having you join us for our next virtual meeting on Thursday, August 13, at 7:00pm U.S. Central Time! Take care and be well until then, friends. 🙂

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