Santa meets the Ring of Fire

The November meeting was a great time, with about 50 members present. aus11133We had one song, the Phil Spector version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” that we tore up pretty well. Bob, by design, always has us run through the song early in the meeting, practicing the trickier parts, and then he has us sing a final version just before the meeting’s end, in which, without fail, we always sound pretty good, because the song has had the opportunity to percolate its way to our fingertips.

We discussed the upcoming visit of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and our part in it, which turned out pretty well. (More in the next post.)

We also recorded a new version of one of AUS’s oldest songs, “Ring of Fire,” and our version of the tune sounds pretty good. Check out the aus11134version on AUS’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to Woody, Erin, Ray, Bob, and yours truly (Walter) for participating in the Open non-mic session of our November meeting.

We all enjoyed ourselves–hey, we always enjoy ourselves at these meetings; otherwise, why come?–and look forward to our next one, which will not be at the church. It will be instead our holiday party at one of our members’ homes.

If you would like to attend, please drop a note to, and tell us aus11132“I’m in for the December party.” and you’ll receive the information about where and when. Do join us!

If we don’t see you there, happy strumming through the holidays.


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