Another trip to Uketania

After our November AUS meeting came Uketania, at the Sahara Lounge at the edge of downtown Austin. Here’s Jen’s report of the evening:

uketania2“Jacob Borshard’s Beebort Records and the Austin Ukulele Society were privileged to present Return to Uketania at the Sahara Lounge, on November 14th.  The ‘sequel’ to June 14th’s Voyage to Uketania left a delighted audience and full house looking very much forward to future incarnations of the Uketania series of ukulele music nights, at the eclectic and inviting Sahara Lounge.

“The theme of Return to Uketania was for various ukulele-centric artists to cover new wave and punk rock bands.  Jacob Borshard started off the evening with a uketania1great solo set of Ramones tunes.  Highlights include audience participation on fist pumping the air on “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” during “Blitzkrieg Bop.”  Jacob was followed shortly thereafter by our very own Bob Guz, who played fantastic ukulele-driven renditions of brilliant and varied Elvis Costello songs including “Allison” and “Radio Radio.”
“Shortly after Bob’s set, a lovely quintet of ladies known as the Missy Fits took their stage for the first time, ever, though you would never have guessed it.  They played ukulele, and more, while harmonizing on beloved Misfits tunes, including a charming and deliciously impish version of “Last Caress.”  Luna Tart came next and covered the Boomtown Rats; she started off the set by sharing the chilling but true story behind “I Don’t Like Mondays” and delivering a powerful version of the classic.
“Jen regrets that she generally turns into a pumpkin around pumpkin time, so she regretfully missed seeing the talented and alluring Rhonda Roberts perform a set of Talking Heads covers. Having seen Rhonda Roberts at the first Voyuketania3age to Uketania, she highly recommends any opportunity to see her when she visits Austin, and you can look for her when you visit Houston.  The Skeletors closed out the night with a terrific Violent Femmes set.
“On behalf of ukulele music players and appreciators, Viva Uketania!”
Will there be another visit to Uketania in the cards? We don’t know, but we hope so!

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