Our song for the June meeting–“House of the Rising Sun”

Our June meeting will be happening very soon–as in this coming Thursday evening, June 13th, 7 p.m., at our usual spot, the Memorial United Methodist Church at 6100 Berkman Drive in Austin.

Our song will be the old classic “House of the Rising Sun.” Bob says it’s “an old bluesy number that everyone should know.” The Wikipedia article about the song tells us that it’s the story “of a life gone wrong in New Orleans.” The version of the song best known in 2013 is the one played and sung in 1964 by Eric Burdon and the Animals, a group that was part of the British Invasion of the mid-sixties. It was the group’s biggest hit. This song, however, began as an American folk-blues number.

Here’s the YouTube video, which, if you ignore the lip-synching and the stiff stage manner, shows you why this version of the song is important:

Bob will no doubt have a more elaborate “presentation” version of the song for the meeting, and when he does, we’ll post it here. But for the time being, give it a whirl. See you at the meeting.

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