AUS at Memorial Methodist Church’s Heritage Day

A message from Bob about our appearance at the Memorial Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon, April 28 (and remember that the Church is nice enausevent4133ough to let us hold our monthly meetings there):

Yesterday we sounded fantastic! [Walter’s] kazoo and Kendra and Ian’s vocal solos were real crowd-pleasers. The unexpected addition of Gary’s upright bass added a whole new dimension to our sound. After we played, there were so many people who approached me to thank us for coming and express how much they loved our music and the opportunity to sing along. Many thanks to everyone who attended — it was a fun experience!



ausevent4132It was a lot of fun; the Heritage Day at the church honored those who had been members for decades (and I overheard someone being applauded for being a church member for 40 years). We hope that more people who come to our monthly meetings will also come to our “events.” You can be onstage making beautiful noise without the stage fright because you’re part of a big group. And here’s the video of one of the songs we performed, courtesy of Trina Woodall:

2 thoughts on “AUS at Memorial Methodist Church’s Heritage Day

  1. Dana Achten


    I’m sorry to have missed this event.

    Is there a calendar on your Uke site to inform of your upcoming events?

    Thanks, Dana A

    1. austinukulelesociety Post author

      Dana– Hi. Not a real calendar, but we mentioned it in two (I think) previous posts, and invited folks to drop a line to if they were interested in participating. Plus if you join our mailing list by dropping a line to the same address, you’ll learn about every event we’re involved in. For example, we’ll be doing another event–a benefit for Zilker Elementary School–on Friday evening, May 10. We hope we’ll see you there, & drop a line if you want to participate. –W


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