No fools at our April meeting

Our meetings are always great fun, but the April meeting seemed to be particularlyaus413mtg5 enjoyable. Preparing for the two big performing events we have coming up–one at Memorial United Methodist Church, where we meet, and another May 10 at Zilker Elementary School–the whole group went over some of our favorite numbers, such as “Love Potion #9” and “Ring of Fire.”

It’s a little scary for some of us who want to perform in public to face the idea of playing our numbers without a chart of chords to follow (at least it is for me). I know that I’ve got to memorize the chords and lyrics for all eight of the songs we’re doing at the two performances. That’s why we have the Ukulele Music Library, of course. We can read the charts from our screens or print ’em out on paper. Either way, it helps us play them over and over until we have them down pat. (If you’re interested in joining us on either or both days, drop a line to austinukes[at]

aus413mtg8Plus, besides the two performances, we have something else to look forward to–a workshop and concert by Deb Porter, a true Texas ukulele (and dulcimer) songbird. Deb has been traveling all over, making CDs, and singing for years. On Thursday, June 20, she’ll be presenting a workshop, “S.U.C.C.E.S.S.:  Smile, U Can Completely Enjoy Singing and Strumming!” and a concert, at a spot soon to be announced. She’ll teaus413mtg1ach us how to build our confidence when we sing, and how to tailor our ukulele arrangements to fit our voices. Plus, she promises to teach us how to yodel. More details soon!

During the solo section of the meeting, several of our in-house performers–Derek, Woody, Jack, Steve, Bob, and Gary (plus yours truly, Walter)–played and sang for us in a bagful of styles. If you are interested in performing before the friendliest and least critical audience you’ll ever find, you should come to our meetings and raise your hand when Bob asks for volunteers.

It looks as if our next meeting will be held on Thursday evening, May 9th, from 7 to 8:30 as usual, at Memorial United Methodist Church. Will we see you there? We hope so. —Walter

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