Here’s our September song–“The Letter”

Hey, look–another baby-boomer favorite will be the featured song for our September meeting– “The Letter” of Box Tops and Joe Cocker fame. It’s an enduring hit, though, so you probably know it no matter your age.

If you want to hear it again, here you are. First the original 1967 Box Tops version with singer Alex Chilton (who sadly died in 2010 just before traveling to SXSW to perform):

and then the more famous 1970 Joe Cocker version:

Which version of the song will we play at the meeting? Come to the September meeting on Thurs., Sept. 13 at 7 pm to find out. Also keep in mind that Bob will have an enhanced “presentation” version for us to use at the meeting. This version is for you folks to practice before the meeting. We’ll post the complete “Presentation” version on this blog & in the UML after the meeting.

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