July meeting coming, on the 12th–a message from Jen

Our July meeting is coming up on the second Thursday of the month – July 12th, at 7pm at Memorial United Methodist Church!

We’re all looking forward to playing a new-to-us tune on the ukulele–“Sway” (suggested by Bill – thanks!); please feel free to try out the song chart before the meeting. You can find all of the songs we play in the Ukulele Music Library of our blog, thanks to Walter, which, of course, is right here.

As usual, we’ll start out by sharing some ukulele-related news.  Then, we’ll play some songs from our repertoire. We’ll also have an ‘open mic’ section near the end of our meeting for those of you looking for a warm audience.

Reminder on meeting Location:
We’ll meet at Memorial United Methodist Church, at 6100 Berkman Drive (Austin, TX 78723) – it’s just southeast of where I-35 and US-290 connect.  Google will give you good directions from any part of town.

When you arrive, please pull into the ‘enter only’ parking lot on the north side of the church – you can park in any spot not designated for staff.  I would recommend parking just past the covered driveway near the front entrance of the church.  We’ll be strumming in a large classroom adjacent to the gym.  We’ll make sure a door is open till 7:15.  Please try to arrive by 7–if you arrive late, and run into difficulty getting in, please follow the sound of music till you find our practice room and knock on the window–we’ll let you in.

Reminder: If you’ve requested one or more of our awesome Austin Ukulele Society logo shirts, please bring $20 (per shirt) and we’ll get you squared away!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!  See you in 10 days! —Jen

1 thought on “July meeting coming, on the 12th–a message from Jen

  1. Carol Ann Brubaker

    Looking forward to my first visit. I’m a new ukulele player and have enjoyed working on some of the songs in your library.
    Are there going to be extra shirts for newbies who might be interested? Is there a photo somewhere to see and perhaps put in a request before the meeting?


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