March 23, 2023: Can’t Help Falling In Love!

We were thrilled to host our first virtual meeting of 2023, with a fabulous turnout of over 160 players from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to Victoria, Australia and many points in between. We enjoyed having many old friends join in and plenty of first-timers, too. For our featured song, we brought back to a very popular AUS repertoire song from four years ago: “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” made famous by Elvis Presley. We loved getting familiar with this ever-popular romantic ballad and learning it together!  💓

Bob kicked us off with ukulele news and our warm-up song, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Then he performed his terrific arrangement of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Bob led us through helpful exercises to teach us the chords, chord progressions, strum pattern, and picking options. He also introduced some vocal harmonizing options. We really enjoyed learning the song, part by part, and putting it all together to play through a few times. Before we said good night, we played our swan song, Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again. Afterward, we continued to chat and watch some of the Austin Ukulele Society’s wonderful videos, including collaborative ones produced by Marty Porter and Paul Butler.

You can download the lyrics, chords, and tab for “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide, including exercises and drills. You can also watch a replay of the March 23 live stream. Watch the entire show or jump to the part you most want to see!

As always, we thank Jen Richardson for moderating the chat and helping get questions addressed in real time and to Lyda Guz for her fantastic projectionist skills.

Check out our most recent group effort, “Octopus’s Garden”:

Thank you for joining us, sending in your selfies, and staying connected!

We look forward to having you all with us again at the virtual meeting on Thursday, June 22! Keep an eye on the Austin Ukulele Society’s YouTube channel. 🙂

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