February 10, 2022: Time After Time

Happy Valentine’s Day to our wonderful ukulele community! πŸ’“ Thank you for being part of our virtual meetings and sharing so much enthusiasm and positive feedback. Over 160 ukulele players from around the globe tuned in live at our February live-streamed meeting!

With our February meeting always near Valentine’s Day, we especially enjoy doing a song about love and this year was no different. After we began the evening with some ukulele news and our warm-up song – Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” – we quickly turned our attention to the featured song Bob had prepared for us. We had a blast learning a song often mentioned as one of the top love songs of all time, the 1980’s mega-hit by Cyndi Lauper, “Time After Time.”


Bob performed the song to demonstrate his arrangement, and then he took us through helpful exercises to get comfortable with the chords, chord changes, strum styles and picking options. He shared many tips and tricks, and by the time we put the song together, we all had learned a lot and felt confident in our playing. After playing it through twice, we played Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” πŸ™‚

As always, we owe Lyda our appreciation for managing the presentation during the meeting and Jen for moderating the live chat/comments.

You can download the lyrics, chords, and tab for “Time After Time,” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide, including exercises and drills. You can also watch a replay of the February 10 live stream. Watch the entire show or jump to the part you most want to see!
    β— Welcome and announcements
    β— “Three Little Birds” warm-up song
    β— Bob’s “Time After Time” tutorial
    β— “On the Road Again” closing song
    β— Bob’s demo video of “Time After Time”.

Before saying goodnight, we premiered the group video of our January song “Happy Together,” expertly edited by Marty Porter and mixed by Paul Butler. Thanks to Jen Richardson for skillfully coordinating communications with all the participants. Gratitude and congratulations to every one of our very talented participants: Gary Adair, Heiko Andresen, Vany Anyc, Shelly Benjamin, Patrice Bovero, Susan Burke, Todd Bushlow, Paul Butler, Linda Christensen, Pam Ellis, Victor Erickson, Ina Ferrara, Pauline & Vince Forbes, Shel Fung, Bob Guz, Sherry Hall, Sandy Johnson, Gail Johnson, Sue Kaneko, Arlene Krassner, Ann Kuehnel, Anne Langford, Errol Lipschitz, Andrew Matlaga, Irene Messina, Marino Michelazzi, Thomas Mroz, Emily Grace Nalley, Ann Peters, Jean Pollack, Leslie Poppen, Kim Prezio, Sabine Putz, Jerry Raihl, Katherine Repogle, Jen Richardson, Darrell Rose, Al Saloha, Martha Schreffler, Alan Smith, Rafaela Carla Sousa, Becky Spargo, Robin Starling, Paula Taylor, Denise Tecchio, Andy Tyerman, Cindy Walker, and Cathy Whalen. It’s amazing! Check it out:

Thank you for joining us, sending in your selfies, and staying connected!

We look forward to seeing local friends at the in-person meeting on Thursday, March 10, and seeing all of you back on the Austin Ukulele Society’s YouTube channel for the March 31 virtual meeting. Be well and keep strumming. πŸ™‚

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