October 14, 2021: Rhiannon!

The Austin Ukulele Society had a great turnout at the October meeting! Everyone was in good spirits, as we got started with some ukulele news, introductions, greetings and more.

Every October, the Austin Sp-ook-ulele Society enjoys learning a song you might put on your Halloween music playlist, and this year we were thrilled to do the same. We were also excited to learn our first Fleetwood Mac song: their 1976 hit “Rhiannon,” written by Stevie Nicks about a Welsh witch. We were quickly grooving to Stevie Nicks’ haunting lyrics and vocals and the infectious hook of this beautiful and eerie tune.

Bob put together a great arrangement for us, and after a terrific performance to demonstrate it, he began his tutorial. We learned the chord progressions, including a handy F chord variation in which you keep your ring finger in place for transition back to the C chord. Bob also taught us some great options for picking parts in “Rhiannon,” including a well-received baritone uke option. We had a great time practicing the various parts of the song, and we sounded great when we put it together to play through from start to finish. We finished up our meeting with our swan song, Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” As we wrapped up the evening, we premiered our terrific collaborative video of “Here Comes the Sun” — special thanks to Marty Porter and Paul Butler for their work on this effort!

As always, we owe Lyda our appreciation for managing the presentation during the meeting and Jen for moderating the live chat/comments.

You can download the lyrics, chords, and tab for “Rhiannon,” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide, including exercises and drills. You can also watch a replay of the October 14 live stream. Watch the entire show or jump to the part you most want to see!
    ● Welcome and announcements
    ● “Three Little Birds” warm-up song
    ● Bob’s “Rhiannon” tutorial
    ● “On the Road Again” closing song
    ● Bob’s demo video of “Rhiannon”.

Thank you for joining us, sending in your selfies, and staying connected!

We look forward to seeing everyone again virtually on Thursday, on Thursday, November 11 on the Austin Ukulele Society’s YouTube channel . Be well and keep strumming until then! 🙂

For more downloadable music, visit our Ukulele Music Library. For more Austin Ukulele Society videos, check out our YouTube Channel.

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Ukulele Society T-shirts!
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