March 11, 2021: Dreams!

One hundred and fifty Austin Ukulele Society members from around the globe tuned in to enjoy music together at our March 11 meeting.

We ukulele players have definitely made the most of a year being socially distanced and in lockdown by finding ways to connect with each other, and we’re so grateful to those of you who have joined us every month of the past year’s virtual meetings and to those of you whose first time was last week. For Bob and Jen, you are truly a beacon of joy and positivity. Thank you for being a pandemic silver lining!!

We kicked off our March meeting by sharing some local ukulele news and warming up with Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” which always gets us in a great mood for learning our featured song. This March, we took some inspiration from St. Patrick’s Day and Women’s History Month and learned a super fun, early 1990’s hit by the Cranberries: “Dreams“. Bob took us through the strum styles including how to strum in the fan style, the chord progressions, fingerpicking positioning and options for this infectious tune.


We had a great time practicing and asking questions that Bob answered well to help us all learn new tricks. When we put “Dreams” all together and played it through twice, we felt quite accomplished and sounded terrific. We wrapped up our meeting by playing Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” and debuting Marty Porter’s excellently produced collaborative video for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

You can download the lyrics and chords for “Dreams,” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide, including exercises and drills. You can also watch a replay of the March 11 live stream. Watch the entire show or jump to the part you most want to see!
      ● Welcome
      ● “Three Little Birds” warm-up song
      ● Bob’s “Dreams” tutorial
      ● “On the Road Again” closing song
      ● Bob’s demo video of “Dreams”

Thank you for joining us, sending in your selfies, and being so positive!

Many, many thanks to Marty Porter for putting together excellent collaborative videos after each monthly virtual meeting! Check out the joyous group performance of our featured song from February, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”:

We’ll be sticking with our virtual monthly meetings for at least several more months, so please keep joining us! We’ll see you on YouTube on Thursday, April 8th! 🙂


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