July 12, 2018: I Could Never Take the Place…

A lovely group of ukulele players from all parts of the Austin area (and as far away as the United Kingdom) gathered on a warm July evening to strum ukuleles and sing harmonies, as we paid homage to the late, great musician and songwriter Prince (sometimes also known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince) with our take on his 1987 hit “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.”

Before Bob began teaching us this great pop rock hit, we kicked off the meeting with introductions, local ukulele news and our warmup song that always lifts our spirits and voices, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Then Bob shared some info about the multi-layered musicianship and vocals in “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” and performed it for us as a demonstration of the arrangement. Bob took us through some very helpful chord progressions, strumming patterns, picking options, and harmonizing possibilities. We practiced the song, getting better and better each time, and recorded it to share with our ukulele friends around the globe. We owe a big thanks to Aaron Lewis for his U-bass accompaniment and hope you enjoy our cover of this Prince classic.

To play along with us, you can download the lyrics and chords for our arrangement of “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” or download a copy of the presentation and instruction guide (what we project on the screen for all to follow along, including exercises and drills).

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We were delighted by our wonderful open mic participants! Matilda, Mason, Rodger, Helen and Demi all shared fantastic renditions of both modern and timeless tunes – we are so grateful for their willingness to do so.

(Top row: Matilda, Helen, Rodger. Middle row: Mason, Demi.)

We hope you’ll join us at our next monthly meeting, on Thursday, August 9th! 🙂

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