February 16, 2017: Rattle Inn Open Mic Night!

The Austin Ukulele Society hosted another Open Mic Night at the fabulous Rattle Inn, February 16. Our biggest event yet with over 20 performers and a joyous crowd. An incredible line-up of fantastic talent! A wonderful evening of friends and ukulele music!

fullhouse  2017_02_16__194916
2017_02_16_shoh 2017_02_16_hope 2017_02_16_jackp
emceebob2  2017_02_16_ukeladies
2017_02_16_walter  2017_02_16_richard
2017_02_16_anna 2017_02_16_nancy 2017_02_16_jay
jenandbob  2017_02_16_bentleygroup
2017_02_16_ray  2017_02_16_kathym
2017_02_16_ava  2017_02_16_sarah  bobsinging2
2017_02_16_shoandshin2  2017_02_16_rajjaynancy
2017_02_16_leta  2017_02_16_kendall  2017_02_16_helen
2017_02_16_mardiandcarlos  2017_02_16_johnd

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at our next monthly meeting on Thursday, March 9th! πŸ™‚

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