June 9, 2016: Bye Bye Blackbird!

Our June meeting was an especially great one, as over 130 members (and visitors from all three U.S. coasts!) learned to play a lovely and whimsical medley of Tin Pan Alley tunes.

  • “Bye Bye Blackbird” by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon, 1926
  • “I’ll See You in My Dreams” by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn, 1924
  • “April Showers” by Louis Silvers and B.G. DeSylva, 1921

The group enjoyed keeping with what has become our June meeting tradition of going back nearly one hundred years to learn a few songs from a bygone but memorable era. Bob’s tips and chord transition exercises helped us get comfortable and ready to ease into playing the medley through, and we sounded great by the time we were ready to capture our performance.
You can download the lyrics and chords for this “Tin Pan Alley Medley” or download a copy of the presentation (what we project up on the wall for all to follow along).

2016_06_09 group3

We are thankful as always to the gifted musicians who shared their songs during the open mic part of the evening. We enjoyed a variety of delightful tunes by a lovely quintet (Margaret, Angela, Nancy, Deanna & Betsy), Walter, Shin, John & Helen, and Cranius.

And speaking of Ukulele Open Mic opportunities, we hope to see you on stage or in the audience at the Rattle Inn, on Thursday, June 16th!

    2016_06_09 walter    2016_06_09 shen    2016_06_09 cranius    2016_06_09 group2
    2016_06_09 quintet  2016_06_09 helen_john

As always, we’re looking forward to our July meeting, on Thursday the 14th!

2016_06_09 group1

For more downloadable music, visit our Ukulele Music Library. For more Austin Ukulele Society videos, check out our YouTube Channel.

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