February 12, 2015: Cupid, let your arrow go!

The Austin Ukulele Society was thrilled to host its 50th monthly meeting to date with over a 100 players! In keeping with tradition from the previous February meetings, we learned and played a Valentine’s/love-themed song. We sounded great crooning and strumming Sam Cooke’s “Cupid,” and we enjoyed revisiting “L-O-V-E” from February 2014’s meeting. “Eight Days a Week” was a blast, too, in keeping with the love song theme.

Here we are playing “Cupid”:

You can download the lyrics and chords for “Cupid” or download a copy of the presentation (what we project up on the wall for all to follow along).

We really enjoyed the Open Mic Night portion of the evening – a big thanks to all!
John backed by the Tuesday Ukulele Group, Kevin and Bob
2015_02_12_john_and_tug  2015_02_12_kevin_bob
Richard, Ray, Luke, Elizabeth
2015_02_12_richard  2015_02_12_ray  2015_02_12_luke  2015_02_12_elizabeth
Norville, Janet, Woody
2015_02_12_norville  2014_08_14_janet  2015_02_12_woody
We’re looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on March 12th! πŸ™‚
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