September 11, 2014 – Here Come the Raindrops!

Our September meeting was a cheerful group of 85+ ukulele players, as we learned to play and sing the quirky and uplifting Burt Bacharach tune “Raindrops Are Fallin’ On My Head.” We’re pretty sure we increased the chance of much needed rain that followed. 🙂

You can download the lyrics and chords for “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” or download a copy of the presentation (what we project up on the wall for all to follow along).

Thanks to all the first-timers, visitors and regulars for making it such a lovely evening, and as always, much gratitude to those who shared their talent during the open mic portion of the night. 🙂

Erin, Richard, Walter, John
2014_09_11_erin   2014_09_11_richard2   2014_09_11_walter   2014_09_11_john
Richard, Kevin, Jon, Jack
2014_09_11_richard1     2014_09_11_kevin     2014_09_11_jon     2014_09_11_jack
We’re looking forward to strumming and singing with you again on October 9th! 🙂

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