June 28, 2014: Doin’ Our Part to Keep Austin Weird

An ensemble of Austin Ukulele Society members wowed the runners in the 2014 Keep Austin Weird 5K! Many stopped to dance, sing along, or just take a selfie with us. It was a hot time for runners and players alike! MANY thanks to everyone who came out. Can’t wait til next year! πŸ™‚

2014_06_28_KAW Group1
2014_06_28_KAW shelly  2014_06_28_KAW Group2  2014_06_28_KAW gary_ryan_bob2  2014_06_28_KAW crowd
2014_06_28_KAW dance
2014_06_28_KAW sam_walter   2014_06_28_KAW ryan   2014_06_28_KAW jen   2014_06_28_KAW john   2014_06_28_KAW kathy
2014_06_28_KAW Group5
     2014_06_28_KAW runners1     2014_06_28_KAW center     2014_06_28_KAW left     2014_06_28_KAW Group6
2014_06_28_KAW Group4