Open Mic Night at the Rattle Inn – February 19

The Austin Ukulele Society’s second open mic night on February 19 gave us an evening filled with excellent and varied music! From creative originals to “Gangster’s Paradise” to “Goody, Goody,” all that attended and performed had plenty to delight them! Thanks to the The Rattle Inn for hosting! See everyone again soon!

The Austin American-Statesman sent photographer Rodolfo Gonzalez to the event and he posted several additional photos on You can check them out here.

Woody, Ray, Kathy, Alex:
Woody  Ray  Kathy  Alex
Kendra, Cindi, Bob & Kendra:
Kendra  Cindi  Bob and Kendra
Joy, Frank, Bob, Bill, Cindi & Mike:
Joy  Frank  Bob  Bill  Cindi and Mike
Elizabeth, Jack, Jack & Elizabeth:
Elizabeth  Jack  Jack and Elizabeth