Greetings from Homer, Alaska

We received the following as a comment from Michael Murray to the Ukulele Music Library, but since it might be missed there, I thought it would be better to post it here. How many of us consider that there might be ukulele groups in Alaska?:

“The Homer Ukulele (Group) Society (so it spells HUGS) is busy in Homer, Alaska. If any of you folks venture up this way you are always welcome to join us even for a day. We practice and jam every Saturday morning at the local senior center and have been playing regularly around town for various events–fund raisers, senior center, governor’s picnic, tour groups etc. we use the Daily Ukulele, Dr. Uke and recently a member came across your site and we borrowed “The Letter” and “Ring of Fire” from you to add to our long list of tunes. We are very open ended and have about 30 people on our e-mail list to keep informed of our events and people come when they can. We are playing for a group of RV’ers who are on a 59 day tour and are about half way–having originated out of Idaho for the trip. We do not accept payment so they donate to the Homer Foundation which supports local scholarships and other grants in the area. My daughter studied for her pharmacy degree in Austin and I love the town and the music there.

“Keep smiling and strumming! Michael Murray – just 10 miles east of Homer Alaska where the sounds meet the sea.”

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