July meeting: we rocked and rolled, briefly but enthusiastically

At our July 11 meeting, the 40 or so AUS members present rocked and rolled–not all aus7133night, but long enough to enjoy ourselves. That old KISS song sounded great with dozens of ukuleles strumming it together. Bob also had us using the strings as a percussion instrument and learning how to syncopate the song’s chorus so that we started a beat behind, as in the song, which was very cool. Oh, and if you were there, you know that Bob made an error in his fingering chart for the Eb chord. He corrected that and here is the correct Rock and Roll All Nite–both in the original version, and in the expanded Presentation Format from the meeting.

aus7132We heard about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain concert coming to Austin on November 21 and 22. You can purchase tickets now at the Texas Performing Arts site. If you’ve ever seen the many YouTube videos of the Ukes, you will know that you probably won’t want to miss this show. The Dallas Ukulele Headquarters will have a group of folks coming down to Austin on Friday night 11/22 for the concert, after which we are hoping to take some of the members of the Ukes out for a drink. Then at mid-day on Saturday, the DUH folks will get together with the AUS folks for a jam. More info will be coming as the date gets closer.

Thanks to both Bobs, Kendra and Lacey, Ray and Sandra, Richard, Woody, Kathleen, and Jack for aus7131performing at our Open Non-Mike session. There was one other fellow whose name we didn’t catch, pictured above–if that’s you, or you know who he is, please let us know. We hope that you will think about performing for the group at a future meeting. It’s just about the world’s most forgiving audience.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening, August 8, at the Memorial United Methodist Church. Hope we’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “July meeting: we rocked and rolled, briefly but enthusiastically

  1. alex

    if anybody feels like performing at the retirement center at beckett meadows between william canon & slaughter lane, we can do it on sunday afternoons at 2pm. please call alex 512.522.3058

  2. Sammi Frye

    Hi Walter, the unknown open mike performer’s name is Richard. I don’t know him besides having met him at the beginning of the meeting. Just remembered his name. Hope he comes back, huh? For a beginner, he sure was good! I wish I could say that!
    See you in August,
    Sammi, the beginner banjolele player


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