Time to rock and roll all nite on July 11

When we played for the participants at the Keep Austin Weird run on June 22, a parade official drove by the spot before the event began, saw our ukuleles, and told us, “Remember–no heavy metal.”

We laughed, but our fearless leader Bob also took this as a challenge. He decided that the song for our July meeting would be that KISS classic, “I wanna Rock and Roll All Nite (and party ev-er-y day).” Take a look at the song sheet and give it a spin, but to get in the mood, here are two YouTube videos to get that KISS feel.

Oh; a warning. Bob says that the band performs the song in A flat, but because A flat is a tricky key on the uke, he’s dropped it a full step down to G. The first one is the original recording, supplied with sing-along lyrics:

And here are the oddly groomed band members themselves performing the song live under the Brooklyn Bridge in 1996. Given that it’s July and all, don’t you think the fireworks are a nice touch?

See you at the Memorial United Methodist Church for the meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 11. Will we rock and roll all night?

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