Here we are at the Zilker Backyard Jam

A group of AUS folks were happy to auszilk4participate in the Zilker Elementary School’s annual Backyard Jam, a fundraiser for the school’s music department, which was held at the school on Friday evening, May 10. In the end, though, instead of a backyard jam, it ended up as an on-the-stage-in-the-cafeteria jam because of a big rainstorm.

Singing in the cafeteria didn’t have quite the same outdoor charm as performing out on the auszilk3grass, but hey–it was raining in Austin (hooray), so we had little to complain about. Here are a few photos of our group singing our set, beginning with Runaway, moving through Love Potion #9 and Stand by Me, and ending with (of course) On the Road Again.

The folks in the audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and we know we enjoyed ourselves. You will enjoy yourself, too, if you join us next time we give a performance. Bob invited auszilk1those in the audience who had ever thought about learning the uke to come to our next meeting and try it out.

And hey, here’s a home-movie version of us rehearsing Don’t Fence Me In in the musician’s green room before we went on:

…and here we are singing Stand by Me on the Zilker cafeteria stage.

We had a great time.

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