Song for May meeting: “Up on the roof”

Do you remember “Up on the roof,” the Drifters’ hit from 1962? It’s going to be our song for the May meeting. You can get “Up On the Roof” here, or from the Ukulele Music Library. It’s an easy and fun song, with just four chords, and suitable to sing this summer. (Not that there are all that many East-Coast-style roofs to get up on in Austin–on many of them, you’ll step on the solar panels and slide off, so watch out.)

Here’s the original song from 51 years ago (Bob warns us that this video’s version is in G#, but we’ll be playing it in G):

Hope we’ll see you at the Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman Drive, Austin, at 7 pm, Thursday, May 9.

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