August 9 meeting reminder

This is a brief reminder that we’ll be meeting on the second Thursday of the month, August 9, as usual, from 7 – 8:30 p.m.

We’re still selecting the music for the next meeting, and we’ll be in touch several days before the meeting to share the chord chart(s), so that you can practice ahead of time. Watch for it.

Remember, we meet at Memorial United Methodist Church, at 6100 Berkman Drive (Austin, TX 78723) – it’s just southeast of where I-35 and US-290 connect.  Google will give you good directions from any part of town.

Enjoy the rest of July and we’ll be in touch in early August!

2 thoughts on “August 9 meeting reminder

  1. Carla Geiger

    Hello, I am interested in buying a used uke that would be good for a beginner. I’ve never played an instrument before, but for some reason, think I could learn to play a uke! Do you know anyone who might have one for sale? I work in Austin, close to Berkman Drive. Thanks, Carla
    I can be reached at 210-363-2306.

    1. austinukulelesociety Post author

      Carla– You need to consider which size of ukulele you want to start with. The smallest is a soprano, but other folks prefer the larger sizes–concert, tenor, & baritone. Tenor & baritone are favored by folks who previously played guitars. Soprano & concert ukes are mostly played by folks who haven’t played guitars before, which sounds like you. I (Walter, who runs this blog) has a quality soprano for sale. Send your email address back if you’re interested, & perhaps others have ukes for sale, too.


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