Yet another AUS performance–or is it a flash mob? Or…?

The AUS has been offered another chance to perform in public, believe it or not! And you can join us. This time, the performance will be at the Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater, on Saturday, June 23, in Bee Cave, where Latin musician/singer Patricia Vonne (who includes the uke among the instruments she plays) is performing. If you haven’t heard of her before, she’s well known in Latin music circles, plus she’s the sister of director Robert Rodriguez — (Spy Kids, Sin City, etc.). There will be a break in the concert around 8 p.m., during which time, we will get up and play three or four songs from our repertoire, and Vonne will come onstage to join us. It’s sort of a performance / flash mob.
There will be an official email announcement coming soon, with the opportunity to RSVP if you’re interested in participating, and/or getting more details. At the end of the June 14 meeting (8:30 p.m.), we’re hoping that folks who are participating will hang around to run through a quick practice. (We’re no longer accepting additional participants.)

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