T-shirt time

Yes! We now have AUS T-shirts for sale. Here’s Jen’s message about them:
“As some of you know, Lyda – Bob’s wife (who you may know as our projector operator extraordinaire) – is a fantastic graphic designer. We are grateful for the beautiful logo she designed for the Austin Ukulele Society. Our logo is now the profile picture on our Facebook page, if you haven’t seen it yet.

“We had some t-shirts printed with the logo, in time for our performance at the Austin Family Music Festival. Pictured here is a zoomed-in shot of the logo as it appears on the t-shirt.

“Of course, we’d like each and every one of you to purchase and proudly wear an Austin Ukulele Society t-shirt.

“Here’s the deal: We printed extra shirts, both in unisex and women’s cut styles – they cost $20 each. We’ll bring our inventory to the May 10th meeting and sell you a shirt (while supplies last!); so please pre-order one via email – this will help us manage current inventory and expectations for the future re-order of shirts! I’ll ask you for your patience as our stock is limited. However, if you request a shirt in a size we’ve run out of, I’ll be sure to add you to the list of shirts we’ll reprint. I have a feeling we’ll be making a re-order in time for the June meeting.

“Drop a note to austinukes@gmail.com with size and style (unisex or women’s cut) and I’ll either reserve a shirt for you or add you to the list for our second order. I’ll respond either way, so you know when to expect your shirt.

“Thanks and see you all on the 10th!”

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