A great March meeting

We had a great time at our March meeting this past Thursday night, March 8. The primary focus was Beatles songs. We prepared for the SXSW Beatles Complete on Ukulele program, Ukulele Mob, on Thursday, March 15th, at noon, at Hickory Street Grill (downtown, 8th and Congress). The program will run until about 6 p.m.; the Ukulele Mob will happen at noon and probably take about 15 or 20 minutes. (If you want to join in–and you are definitely invited if you want to bring your uke and join us–please show up a little early, at 11:45 or so.) The songs we’ll play (and they’re all in the Ukulele Music Library) are “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?.” “All Together Now,” and “Eight Days a Week.” Roger Greenawalt, the maestro of Beatles Complete on Ukulele, will have a band there to back us up, and will be in charge.

Other than the Beatles songs, we had a large group of players doing songs this time. Bob listed the folks he knew: James (Blue Bayou), Ian (rock ‘n’ roll tune), Gary (swingin’ Tin Pan Alley tune), Mike (When I’m 64) and yours truly, Walter, who sang an original song involving UFOs. Steven played a great version of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to the April meeting, which should be held on Thursday, April 12, but it isn’t definite yet, so watch this space.  We’re also looking for an additional free, and centrally-located, space to meet. Any ideas? Let us know.

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