A great Feb meeting

Kathie singingIn honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we sang a couple of love songs as our new numbers at the AUS February 9 meeting. We had a great time with the classic Leiber & Stoller song, “Love Potion #9” (well, it’s sort of a love song), and Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” (which is definitely a great love song). About 30 people were there. Hooray!

We had several folks, including Bill & Kathie (who sang an original song), Patrick, Kendra, Tim, and more, share some songs in the solo section… and I (Walter) performed “Day Tripper” (inspired by the upcoming “Beatles Complete” session below), and Bob, our leader, played a song from Troy Fernandez that he learned from YouTube. it’s always great fun to watch our members playing and singing. If you haven’t played a solo number yet, think about it; you’ll never find a friendlier and more sympathetic audience.

Soon, we will be posting an announcement about the return of the “Complete Beatles” session, led, as during the past two years, by Roger Greenawalt, which will return in time for March’s SXSW. We’re all invited to join, so watch this space for another announcement, soon!

Our next meeting, as of now, will be held once again at Central Market North on Thursday, March 8 at 7 p.m. Please check back here for more news. New songs are coming, too, so watch this space for them. See you then!

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