“Striking a chord” on the Boston Herald site

Here’s a quick story on the Boston Herald site about the most recent phase of the uke resurgence, prompted (it appears) by the new Eddie Vedder ukulele album. It includes a video interview with MA ukulele player Michael J. Epstein, who plays in a couple of Boston-area uke groups, including Neutral Uke Hotel.

Take a look. Plus we’re not sure how long it’ll be up, but here’s a chance to listen to Vedder’s “Ukulele Songs” in its entirety at the NPR Music site.

Oops, oops… one more. Here’s a guy who built a working ukulele out of Lego bricks. For some reason, he tuned it a deeper and slightly flabbier C-F-A-D instead of G-C-E-A (listen to the bit of Puff the Magic Dragon he shares), but hey, it’s still pretty impressive.

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