Hooray! Twenty-six people at our Feb meeting

AUS appears to be establishing itself; we’re not just a one-meeting wonder any more. For the second month in a row, over 20 people have gathered to celebrate the ukulele. (Here are a couple of pix to prove we’re not hot-dogging you. Thanks, Jen, for the pictures.)

Bob Guz, one of our founders (plus a ukulele pro–or at least a pro-quality player–that’s him with the green vest in the picture to your left) did a great job leading the group in a few songs–Ring of Fire, Stand by Me, and Three Little Birds–while encouraging members of the group to stretch their picking and strumming limits.

Bob says,

“I’m so pleased with the turnout and the level of excitement. After the meeting I had several people tell me how much they liked the meeting and are going to pass the word about our group to friends.

“I even had a Central Market shopper ask, ‘What’s the deal with all the ukuleles?’ Turns out he plays and will try to make next month’s meeting.

“There was a suggestion to put up a sign outside the room with our name and web address so passersby could learn about us.”

Remember! Our next meeting is Tuesday night, March 8, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Central Market’s community room, 40th & N. Lamar. See you then! –by Walter

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